World, Hello!

I'm Nanami Nakano.

16 y.o. full-stack developer from China, current high school freshman, CS & Math majors(AP Course), want to learn art.


Programming Languages


I learned Kotlin in the summer of 2023, vacation after graduating from junior high school. Kotlin is the language I mainly use. I use it to write back-end and client programs.

TypeScript & Vue

I barely learned TypeScript formally. I learned it(TypeScript) by writing Vue. It is a goal of mine to create my own personal website since I was 14 y.o. I did it in my free time in high school.


Swift is the first Native language I came into contact with. I used it to develop an app for Chinese traffic enthusiasts(Work in progress). I planned to release it in the summer of 2024.


Python is the easiest language I have ever learned. I used it in my small machine learning research project.


When I was in junior high school, I got a SLR camera from my dad, a Canon 200D II. I was not allowed to use smart phone at school, so I use it to record my life. Further more, I developed an interest in photography.

Adobe Lightroom

I use Lightroom to edit my photos. I think I've got all the basics down.



I started writing code in the second grade of junior high school. Now I write code almost every free time I have.


I joined a local movie club and watched movies with everyone on the weekends.


I enjoy various kinds of music. Like J-POP, light music, electric music, piano piece.